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Drop shipping

How Dropshipping Works

For fraud prevention and security reasons, we always carefully check if the "shipping address" is different from your "paypal shipping address". If you are a new dropshipping customer with us, we may need to email  you to conduct verification checks before processing the order.

We will ask you to change your Address, to keep "Delivery Address" do match with "PAYPAL Shipping Address." http://buytome.com/help/article/detail/id/54

We apologize for the slight delay that this can sometimes cause, however our first priority is to protect our customers from fraud with our security measures.
You also can join our Dropshipping Program directly,the Address matching limit will be cancelled

Please note that we never include  Buytome.com promotional materials or invoices featuring our name in the packages dispatched to your customers.
and we would be happy to assist you in minimizing the tax burden if you have special packaging or declaration instructions for specific orders.

How to join  Dropshipping Program?

A.Member Level > VIP 3 (Cost >$600, the number of Sent parcel > 2  piece).  Membership will be updated to Dropship Member automatically.

B.Make one time  advance payments $400+  via Western Union, Bank Transfer.After confirmation --- For  the  first order  (new user)
    Western Union    http://buytome.com/help/article/detail/id/20